About Us



Karen IT Information Technology Group was established with the aim of providing computer services, design and development of data communications to the country, along with the training of their young cadres to improve their technical knowledge in the field of new science of communication and service to the general public, companies and organizations.

The use of computers and internet and making it easier to work with people, as well as creativity and innovation, will be a day when it becomes necessary for the efficient citizen to use computers and internet, and attempt to provide the best quality to our customers using computers and internet, and this is important only with respect, assistance, comments, and suggestions.

Karen IT Group avoids any unnecessary costs, we also believe that the customer should not pay the price for managerial weaknesses or executive problems of our work. So before launching any new service, we carefully study it and check its feasibility. We also believe that making a profit for less than one customer, if done in a way that the customer is satisfied with the service provided, will turn that customer into a self-made advertising force, and this increase in our profit as a provider Services will arise. These simple principles are applicable in practice and form the basis of all Karen IT.

We publish in good faith the amazingly simple principles of our work because we believe that in a healthy competitive environment, there will be enough room for us and all our colleagues, and this space will ultimately benefit both Karen IT and People will be as future customers and partners.